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Marriage in ICU brings solace in cancer patient's last days

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Back to business, thank you for taking the time to write this theory - Caleb would surprise me.

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I am just worried that it won't be him because he wasn't in season 1. Also, had Ravenswood become a success then he may not have been available for Pll. He was in season 1 BUT I agree if they've had this planned at any point before , what, season 4, then I highly doubt it's Caleb because of Ravenswood.

Then again - because it was another Marlene creation, she probably wouldn't film them at the same time? BUT then they'd have to add that to the storyline in Ravenswood or something since he's the same character. So I don't know. Good point about Caleb also having to bad in Ravenswood if he turns out to be AD and if Ravenswood had been a success. I am just not sure - he seems to love Hanna so much and he almost loved Spencer too.

I thought he wasn't for the longest time. It hit me one time rewatching when I thought about how long all of these ships have been around. In the show, Jamie turns out to be Caleb's uncle. Do you think he lied? He was quite dark. Ive always been the most suspicious of Caleb, out of all the boyfriends.

They rarely make him seem sketchy, which is suspicious, but he always seems to have just left the room when AD texts are sent. I think the other way around.

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Hanna took him there thinking it was his dad but it turned out to be his uncle. I think that Caleb and Bethany can definitely be related because of the same reason with the stables. Hanna or Caleb may have something to hide the Radley flood and who knows what else, done together or separately. I'm suspicious of everyone, but what a convenient time for a proposal and wedding So they can't testify against each other Caleb would make a good A. D, but with Jamie Doyle being his dad, he couldn't be Charles. It's already been revealed Ted is the father to Charles.

I can't imagine them suddenly revealing Ted to be Caleb's real father. Otherwise, the whole story arc of Caleb finding his dad all them seasons ago, would be for nothing. The only way if it was Caleb to torture Hannah would be because he doesn't want to lose her so he is torturing her so that she needs him there to help and support her. In this episode Ashley seemed very wary of Caleb Like asking why was he back and what he wanted.

Caleb & Bethany

She seems to have a mom hunch that her daughter is not safe. That's what I felt somehow. If CeCe wasn't actually Charles as many people think then obviously she didn't kissed her half-brother at all. That would make so much sense to me. I thought it was a little strange that Ashley said he's only there when Hanna needs saving. He may have a hero complex. Ashley used to love Caleb. Laurentee1 wrote: I think the other way around.

Marriage in ICU brings solace in cancer patient's last days

No I think you're right. At first Caleb thinks it's just his uncle but then he finds out that Jamie is his dad. I'd love to read it. I'd love him as AD. There's not much that can rule him out at this point. The main reason people don't suspect him is his relationship with Hanna, which is a weak reason. He easily could've gassed himself, knowing the gas was non-deadly, to divert attention.

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Imagine them as a tech couple both of them are both smart to do all the technical stuff A. D is doing!!!!!! Prettysofezzy wrote: imagine Caleb and Mona turning out to be a couple, both getting revenge in the liars. It would sense if it was Caleb too with that kind of theory. Also Caleb was never thought to be suspious so everyone wouldnt expect it.


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Bethany Caleb Bethany Caleb
Bethany Caleb Bethany Caleb
Bethany Caleb Bethany Caleb
Bethany Caleb Bethany Caleb
Bethany Caleb Bethany Caleb

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