Forgiving Others with One Click: Yutakas Zen Method

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Silence and Body-Mind Interconnectedness in Morita, Naikan and Dohsa-hou

The other monk just shook his head. For a while they sat in silence contemplating what just happened to them. Then they promised each other to stay in touch in the future, bowed and each went his way. A week later the young monk finally climbed the side of the mountain to where the old temple stood and went straight to his old master. Tetsu-Jin greeted him warmly and the young monk recounted everything that happened to him including the meeting with the other monk.

Then he asked his master to forgive him for not telling him how he felt about the old temple. And also the same happened to that other monk? But the teaching you both received is that you can look for places and things that would inspire you on your path to enlightenment. But at the same time you should remember all of them are essentially the same as there is only space.

Tetsu-Jin just smiled and said — Now rest a few days, then go back to the capital and study with Yutaka-Sou. And visit me once a year just to make your old master happy. I love this story! Just what I needed to read. Thank you. Thank you for the visit as well as the advice,.. Come back anytime! Name required. Mail will not be published required. Powered by WordPress. Posts RSS. David, UPS is very expensive for international shipping, at least to Canada. Besides the big initial cost, they then ding me another big chunk for clearing customs. The US postal service is much cheaper, very reliable, and the the Canadian post office charges me much less to clear customs.

Not complaining, looking forward to Burn From the previews it seems that there is a lot of material in Burn 02 that did not appear on this site. For work I use a which is set up for glossy but I wanted to print some matte black and white. Anyway, it took about four cleaning cycles to clear it. The inks are really not that expensive unless you are trying to do production work. They can be had online for as little as 10 bucks for a cartridge there are seven.

These printers use the original Ultrachrome ink set which is great but does display much more metamerism print colour changes with light source than the present ink sets. I usually add some warmth to my black and white prints to compensate for a cyan shift under daylight. The biggest challenge to making good prints is calibrating your moniter, and proper use of profiles in the print interface. When it finally all came together for me it was as if the heavens opened and I had been let in on the secrets of the universe.

David, let me know if you will be sending it to me as a result of the FB contest. I will be happy to donate to cover largely the cost of sending it, BTW. If not, I still would not wish to miss having not and will order it. But you need to let me know, amigo! In Texas, we get dinged for the taxes, too.

Not letting it happen this time. Shipping to Australia costs more than the actual book. Better be good, David ;. Just to confirm shipping costs: sending Burn. Anybody would become crazy! This should be a major savings for all. David and co. Discuss here until then. So looking forward to see the 40 new photographs in this edition.. And for those who might have missed it.. HE and DAH are to hold responsible if I ever finish something, that is the biggest lesson I have learnt hanging around here..

Great to see Burn 02!! So all I have to do is sign my copy and I can make money off of it? And how about the corrections to my text? BTW are we going to see any of your work published this year or are going to have to impatiently wait till New Year? Imants to send me something cool other than a print and he delivered.. Outer Banks i am shooting now, labor of love, and it should be a NatGeo story in also, but not sure when…not sure if i will have a book or not…yes, i have lots of pictures, even lots of meaningful pictures, but lots of pictures does not necessarily a book make…we will see..

Family Drive continues on exhibition tour next Valencia, Spain even as i shoot more…it is just a work in progress forever…i shoot on this all the time …. I can remember that Burn01 was distributed also in some selected bookstores in Italy micamera in Milan, for example … are you going to follow the same approach also for Burn02?

I would prefer to feed a small bookstore specialized in photography than a huge courier company ;. Just a little light fun. Looking forward to getting my hands on Come on people! More importantly, to me, what this book stands for: Y-O-U! Who knows, who cares. Bob, you are trying to hard to be brief. Just be Bob. I guess in a way you are, because, even brief, you are still less brief than most. Write like Bob. Good defense of the pricing. I want to buy it in person, when I am in New York. So, Burn sellers, if by any chance it looks like you might sell out within two weeks, set one aside for me.

That is the only reason that I am going to New York. Well, maybe not. Maybe I will do a few other things there, too. Bob, yes tell it like it is!!!! Susan Meiselas could not say enough good things about both you and Kim when she and i were just in Korea…and she is not easy to please!! David, from the first day in Roadtrips i knew it,,.. Thank you for all of your hard work. I missed out buying my copy here and scored one of the last ones that the Magnum website store had in stock. Will you also be selling copies of Burn02 through Magnum?

Just thinking that with its infrastructure that it might be able to save on shipping for those outside of the US…. You are one awesome guy! Way cool of you to ship that Epson to Panos; I am still immensely grateful to you for helping me out. Folks, that those of you who missed it, earlier this year Kurt helped out a brother in need and gifted me with a D, lens, and battery.

Too bad good Ipad Apps are so expensive to create. Looking forward to the print Burn 02, but would love to have it on the Ipad, too. Maybe Burn 03? Amazing and Lovely! Thank you for Diego, Anton and David.. Hey Jim, Surely there are more affordable alternatives than a full-blown App. Makes for a great archive of comtemporary photojournalism. I wanna be an academian;?

Japanese Psychotherapies

Kyunghee Lee September 9, at am Amazing and Lovely! Lee , ; are you the Sweetest or what? It offers more pictures than the book which is out of print , adds sound and comments on pictures by Mr Carl himself although it is not his voice , as well as a set of pictures by his fixer in the same prisoners camps…. And get ready for my Quest for Land… should be released in a couple of months… By the way: how much would you pay for such an iApp?

There will be over pictures, interviews and a lot of documentation. David already answered too many questions but i will resume the main points about shipping and shipping costs. Of course if you are in Europe the costs is reasonable, but if you are in australia, asia, south america is really really high. This is ALL we can do. I want to HOLD stuff.. However, that is me. May be chapters of the whole package as apps, which go for a cheaper price, and the sum of all finally lead to the reasonable price. My wife can attest to that!

New ish.. I just really wanna see it! Anyway, Thanks a lot for all the hard work. A visual feast for all us DAH fanatics :. And please, Magnum displays stamps, not pictures.. I mean the size.. PLUS the logo all over.. I very much like your last word though.. Or, you could come to Melbourne! OOOH an. So, do I have to go to Sydney to get it? That alone might actually make Sydney worth it ;. Fender is very proud to introduce one of the most distinctive signature models in its history, the Kurt Cobain Jaguar guitar….

Accessories include a black textured vinyl hard-shell case and an exclusive Fender Kurt Cobain book featuring extensive photos and commentary by Charles Peterson and an insightful interview with Nirvana guitar tech Earnie Bailey. Let me go off topic for a moment and register a complaint. It has nothing to do with the price of Burn 02 or why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings. In short, my complaint is not germane to anything previously discussed in this thread. Those wishing to remain on topic may skip this and go directly to the next post.

Thank you. Please allow me to preface my remarks here by saying that yes, despite what many people here in our happy little burg will tell you, I really do like dogs. I am fond of dogs in much the same way that I am fond of children. In fact, I actually know people who have both dogs and children and I know them to be among the finest people I have ever met. In any case, I have neither dogs nor children, but I think they are good idea for other people. I am all for other people making their own choices and then having to live with them. But we are talking dogs at the moment.

I bring the beasts up because I am committed to the walking lifestyle. I did not know that walking was a lifestyle until recently, when a friend pointed out that while he liked walking as much as the next person, he did not make a point of walking five miles [8. I am not sure how my walking this distance every qualifies it as a lifestyle or me as a participant in said lifestyle—walking is just exercise to me—but again, if my friend wants to think that walking is a lifestyle, then more power to him.

Walking still just exercise to me; you put one foot in front of the other and if you do it enough times, eventually you get somewhere. From my observation, I can report that there are hordes of walkers trooping the highways and the byways trying to improve their cardiovascular health. Unfortunately, many of these people feel the need to bring their dogs along with them as they walk. Canis lupus familiaris, the domesticated dog, is the most varied species of mammal on this planet, its variety being the almost exclusive fruit of human genetic interference with the canine genome, but in many ways Canis lupus familiaris differs little from the ultimate root of its species, Canis lupus, the grey wolf, and one of these ways is that dogs, like wolves, are territorial creatures who dislike the idea of anyone trespassing on their territory.

There are exceptions to this rule, of course, as there are to all things; Alaskan huskies, I believe, are not territorial at all, the Aleut and the Inuit having bred the trait out of the husky as unnecessary to their needs for the breed, those needs being little more than a knack for pulling heavy loads over long distances through the snow and a willingness to look at backsides all day long. But most other dog breeds are territorial, and their territory extends to wherever their masters happen to be at the moment whether I like it or not, and I usually like it not, a lot of not, veritable scads of not.

I usually like it not because I am of the opinion, and please correct me if I am wrong about this, that as my taxes went into paying for the many fine sidewalks that grace our happy little burg, I may therefore use these sidewalks in a safe, legal, and appropriate manner whenever I choose. I do not need a license to use the sidewalks nor does the Vampire State require such a document or carry pedestrian insurance to cover the hospital costs of my bumping into someone accidentally, although it does occur to me that maybe I should not be giving the malfeasant and altogether peculative crew of feculent two-bit goniffs who run this state any bright ideas.

In short, on the sidewalks of our happy little burg I am a free man, a free man using the commons open to all, and it is exactly this state of affairs that dogs refuse to acknowledge and their owners constantly seek to excuse. Dogs do not accept, much less understand, the legal and constitutional principles raised in the previous paragraph. I must admit that I find all these alibis intensely fascinating, no two ways about it, as it shows almost better than almost anything else that I can think of, the power of the irrational and cognitive dissonance in the lives of people you would otherwise think of as entirely rational.

Let us look at the facts of the matter here. You, the owner of this dog, claim that your dog is a friendly dog that loves people. The purpose of walking is to get some exercise, which you are not going to get so long as you stand around waiting for your dog to evacuate its bowels, which is a subject I will get into at some other time. Dog owners are not improving their cardiovascular health when they stop every twenty feet or so the dog can sniff the base of every perpendicular object in the neighborhood. So leave the dog at home and walk; you can always take the horrid little beast out later to drop its deuce, and the rest of us pedestrians will be much happier that you did.

I may have to create some sort of event just to lure you over. As for the stubbies. I agree with you totally and so does my pitbull who is sick and tired of dog running loose where we live, who come bounding up to him looking for a fight. We both want to get on with our exercise which is walk peacefully and mind our own business. Nowadays dogs seem to be fashion statements. My dogs pees when I allow him to, not when he wants to. Discovering RoadTrips all way back in the middle of going through a pretty bad time creatively in my life and full of doubts in general your stories made my life much brighter.

There is no way in any book or any college a student would ever find the experience and knowledge you have given us all. So I feel I owe you so much I have no problem whatsoever in helping out some way. EricG has already ordered I see Diego next week and can bring him 01 to put in the package with Can do? Yes, this is a dilemma especially for folks our age. My own business has suffered hugely in the past few years, mainly a result of not having staff anymore to keep our marketing up, and to keep me organized. Or do I bite the bullet, find a good assistant, and pull myself and the business together.

It is a tough decision. I love what I do, but after a summer off, I could really get into not having to carry the overhead and spending more time doing other things. Perhaps you will re-consider letting the loft go and I will get another chance. Far from optimal, but better than Magnum defaced postcards. As I could imagine Panos saying.. I am tired of searching and I still cannot find it! Thank you, DAH. I am glad you are making an iPad app of it.

I committed myself without having any idea at all how to go about it or how much it would cost, but just thinking that there must be some kind f software out there that will allow a person to put together a basic book with words and photos fairly easily and cheaply. As to the other stuff — this is what I really do not understand: how David does it all.

I am a pretty busy guy and time is a big stuggle for me, but compared to David… and how much he does… constaantly… magazines… books… workshops… speeches and presentations all over the world… prints… shooting every single day, for 50 years… and still he finds time to address just about every comment directed at him on this forum…. I got up about two hours ago. Just thinking about all this makes me feel like I need to go climb right back in bed and sleep for 20 years…. Well, this is it for me today.

No time to post further… yet DAH will likely post several more times… and yet will accomplish ten times as much as what I will…. And there is cat sitting on my desk. A black cat. Directly between my keyboard and my monitor. It is difficult to see the screen, but I cannot make the cat move. He is comfortable there. Yes, more freedom for the consumer and cheaper prices too as long as some competition exists…small-size players are already out of the game , but an unsustainable -in the long run- bill from the ecological point of view…imo.

All i ask, if you take up the offer, is please no heavy dark, underexposed Kodachromes. Make the app. Do the workshop with David. Very few,if any,better people. Straight line guy. I feel you are the same maybe. A positive energy source…. You guys are so amazing. This was a great way to start my day. Eva and everyone involved, thanks so much.

Haha ok.. Calm… Calm… :D thank again. Either of you rattled? I spend more time with him than I do with any human. Thanks for the suggestion, Jim; and John, I will make that app, I will attend the workshop and you are the one who gave me the encouragement necessary to do it. I agree, there are few like David and none at doing what he had done and is doing and he deserves that respect and love, because respect and love is what he gives.

I appreciate your good words. Sidney, honestly I think it was the burrito not the earthquake. Pretty good little quake though, and fairly close, Seattle just barely felt it. I spent a little time with geologist Brian Atwater who did the groundbreaking work on the historical record of the last big subduction quake here, estimated 9 plus. Fascinating detective work piecing together tree ring data with Japanese tsunami records and sand layers along coastal river basins. Pinpointed the last big quake and subsequent tsunami to the year, day and time in and showed the pattern of regular such quakes going back millenia.

Congrats to everyone in and behind BURN 02 — really looking forward! Not sure if this would be an option? A treasured volume among my books, and a class act. Are you still in touch with him? Thank you for subtley pointing that out. It was an international team effort to be sure as Brian was always clear to point out on every occasion I heard him speak. He is every bit the class act. He spent two decades on that research, incredible commitment.

Should arrive about the same time as my two copies of BURN. No, I just did a few stories and quite a bit related to tsunami preparedness for the coast when the research was breaking in the journal Nature wow, that was ! Thank you for not jumping on my bad pun in the previous post since I know you winced when you read it. Wow, masterpieces. Remind me yours style.

I regret I am not able to work this way with people to take such a lifefull photos. I can spend hours at an exhibit but get annoyed and tired very easily looking at the monitor.. Saw them at a conference she gave here where I live. I asked her last June at the Magnum party if she was ready to publish a book and she said she still felt she needed more images. Marcin all of it is shot with film :. The screen shots are not anywhere near the quality of a regular digital image, nothing remotely like a fine art print.

So I did the screenshots and made a little slideshow and spent many hours contemplating the work. But the attitude of being the most knowledgeable person in the room and shooting loose shows through as well. Oh, and btw, although I generally enjoy looking at photos on the computer screen, in no way do I mean to imply that everyone should share my preferences or that they are in anyway superior.

I think a lot of it is general laziness. One can lounge however one likes and light is typically not much of an issue. But I think the biggest difference is exactly that.

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One of size. Pity about the book though. The best solution would be for photographers to sell apps with hi-def images. You say the images in a book are much smaller.. A hermit muttering inanities, probably. No big thang. I am quite surprised Rodero still working with film. If you meet her again, please pass her she have big fan in Poland.

More from dc…. Everything moves constantly…by instill fear to the mass all we achieve is hatred and feelings of revenge towards an invisible, unknown enemy.. I dont know, i worry too much! Cristina is a good friend of mine…and i introduced her to Magnum and presented her and her work…she is such a lovely person and one of the most prolific photographers i know…. MK — thanks for the instgrams from DC.

Look scary, hazy and smokey I know, the haze and smoke are special effects. Still cannot get used to seeing such armaments, weaponry in this city. Serious business. I could be wrong about that, though. Less hassle. Stay digital all the way through. That said, and having done it myself just to see what it was like, I think you should, and probably will, do it anyways….. Moriyama, Takanashi and Fukase my favorites….. Provoke was shortlived…. Bob, you remind me that however much we live in the light, we live even more in the dark.

Or at least I do. I am unfamiliar with all these photographers… though perhaps I might recognize some of their work if I were to see it. Bob it is that sensitivity to technique, object and media that is impressive with the Japanese artisans whether it be tactile, visual or in text. There are huge photobook sections in the major bookstores in the big cities, with a bewildering array of new titles every month, and many of these tend to be one-man or one-woman photo monographs.

There are as well a number of photojournalism magazines, both serious ones and the paparazzi variety, and huge monthly enthusiast photo magazines like Asahi Camera with hundreds of pages of high quality photo essays… unlike most of the American photo magazines, these are not mostly about reviewing and selling gear, but are for people who really want to look at photographs. Of course, there are plenty of gearhead and consumer mags as well, and lots of soft-porn model shoots, etc. While the Japanese absorb culture from everywhere and are far more interested in and well informed about the world outside their borders than say Americans are, they export surprisingly little culturally… this has changed somewhat in the last 15 years or so in certain areas… anime and manga, karaoke and Hello Kitty… but that tells the world little about what has been going on in the sphere of either popular or artistic culture in Japan.

Japan until recently has been a large enough domestic market to support their xenophobia, which is real and deeply rooted unlike for example smaller South Korea, just as xenophobic as Japan, but which must export culture in the form of pop music, films, and above all TV soap operas in order to survive as a nation of cultural industries. Not to denigrate them at all… but I drew inspiration from an older and very different generation of photographers in Japan, prominent in the s, though some of them had been active since back in the s: Hamaya Hiroshi and Kuwabara Kineo were two giants of their era, but these names also deserve looking into: Hayashi Tadahiko, Kimura Ihee, Watanabe Yoshio, Tokiwa Toyoko one of very few Japanese female photojournalists working then , and Ueda Shoji.

Never heard any of these names, either? The photo books of a Japanese photographer of rural landscapes and traditional culture named Midorikawa Yoichi who started as a dentist , active from the late s through the s. The last roll of film in his camera showed the bear approaching him… I never met him personally, but saw him on TV several times in Japan and owned or gave as presents several of his books, and I remember the shock and dismay among my Japanese photographer friends when we heard the news of his death which was a major news story in Japan.

The Universe is Evolving… cause we are the Universe! Kiyoshi Suzuki also worth to explore.. I was working four blocks from the World Trade Center. After going outside and seeing the first tower burning, I went into a drug store and bought a couple throw away cameras. The first picture is from about two minutes after the second plane hit.

Although I might have gotten famous, it quite possibly would have wrecked my health. As is I stuck around long enough to see some truly gruesome sites and my lungs have never quite been the same. The second picture is a bit later on the Brooklyn Bridge. Rather than hanging around and get in the way of the rescue teams, that plus it looked like the tower could fall in my direction, I walked across the bridge to pick up my 9 year old daughter from school. Turned out she had a direct view of the proceedings from her classroom and the teacher let them watch until the first tower collapsed.

The third pic is from an assignment I did on the fourth anniversary. But the real reason I share these harkens back to the ongoing gear thread. Shot these with my new toy camera, the Fuji x What pisses me off about the iPhone is the phone…….. Paul, thanks. And thanks David, for not lumping me in with sticks in the mud. The platinum print idea fascinating. I really hope you pull it off.

So crisp and blue. How very sad a poisoned gift…. Hipster, and Instagram, and, and, and…are kind of cool for the first 15 seconds or so. Then there are a billion photos using them on the Internet and just another cliche. Pretty sure I didnt attack your iphone snaps amigo.

None of my business even if I did. But maybe im just being overly pessimistic? I mean, the sun is out now, but for sure its going to rain before the years out :. I dunno. When someone with real talent uses the same gimmicks, they cast their work into that same stream of noise. IMHO, of course. NO worries…you know what keeps me such a kid about anything photography,books, writers, music, cities, food etc is that it always amazes me how much we continually find and learn!

My old drawing teacher, who knew classical European painting materials and technique very well, insisted we learn to draw with felt pens, magic markers, and ball point pens… things anyone would probably have in their pocket. About platinum prints in the darkroom from iPhone images… not something I myself am eager to try, but an interesting, if slightly offbeat, experiment…. The real point is that, as you say, when it comes to ideas, experiments, thought processes… you are totally transparent here, and all of us benefit from that incredible generosity. Yesterday, I lay awake in the palm of the night.

A soft rain stole in, unhelped by any breeze, And when I saw the silver glaze on the windows, I started with A, with Ackerman, as it happened, Then Baxter and Calabro, Davis and Eberling, names falling into place As droplets fell through the dark. Names printed on the ceiling of the night. Names slipping around a watery bend.

Twenty-six willows on the banks of a stream. In the morning, I walked out barefoot Among thousands of flowers Heavy with dew like the eyes of tears, And each had a name — Fiori inscribed on a yellow petal Then Gonzalez and Han, Ishikawa and Jenkins. Names written in the air And stitched into the cloth of the day. A name under a photograph taped to a mailbox. Monogram on a torn shirt, I see you spelled out on storefront windows And on the bright unfurled awnings of this city.

When I peer into the woods, I see a thick tangle where letters are hidden As in a puzzle concocted for children. Parker and Quigley in the twigs of an ash, Rizzo, Schubert, Torres, and Upton, Secrets in the boughs of an ancient maple. Names written in the pale sky. Names rising in the updraft amid buildings. Names silent in stone Or cried out behind a door. Names blown over the earth and out to sea. In the evening — weakening light, the last swallows. A boy on a lake lifts his oars. A woman by a window puts a match to a candle, And the names are outlined on the rose clouds — Vanacore and Wallace, let X stand, if it can, for the ones unfound Then Young and Ziminsky, the final jolt of Z.

Names etched on the head of a pin. One name spanning a bridge, another undergoing a tunnel. A blue name needled into the skin. Names of citizens, workers, mothers and fathers, The bright-eyed daughter, the quick son. Alphabet of names in a green field. Names in the small tracks of birds. Names lifted from a hat Or balanced on the tip of the tongue. Names wheeled into the dim warehouse of memory. So many names, there is barely room on the walls of the heart.

Or maybe not??? Most important, European leaders must shift from austerity policies that are leading to recession, not relief. They need to stimulate demand in stronger economies, like Germany, and defer austerity measures in fragile ones. One reason Greece keeps missing its deficit targets is that recession is shrinking tax revenues almost as fast as the government can slash spending. First, MW: Maybe taken by a temporary amateur with a disposable camera, but definitely with the look and vision of the pro.

Sidney, Eva, Bob — Now I am faced with the problem of trying to keep all these names in my head! Japan is just a short jet hop away from Anchorage. But… somehow… before I get too much older…. And Sidney, I knew Michio.

I once took a picture of him holding up one hand and the ends of his fingers were swollen in big blisters — frostbite! One of my best friends is Japanese, who was a prefessor at Columbia University when I first met her in Barrow, Alaska, but now teaches at Oklahoma, although she went back home for a time after the earthquake and tsunami.

She is a budding photographer, too, and she tells people that I am the one who inspired her, so that always makes me feel good. It just occurred to me… you can meet her here, in this series of pocket camera snapshots from New York:. Seeing as I am a pessimist, I think that you should cancel your trip to new york. Nothing good will come of it. You will not learn anything new nor have any life affirming experiences. In fact statistics show that the flight itself is a major cause of depression. You should either spend the money on opiates and pass a couple of months in a relatively benign stupor I mean why not?

I guess you will probably do the latter…… but it will all go wrong. Should really listen to me on this one blah blah blah blah…. You should either spend the money on opiates ————————————————-. English sense of humour is an acquired taste if one can ever manage to grasp it, my wife reminds me of this everyday. I was just wondering if someone may be able to help me out please…. Any ideas? Thanks Someday I bet your friend Chie and I could have a pretty interesting conversation in both English and Japanese. As for the ongoing hipstamatic debate. Just because it is a traditional technique?

But it only became a traditional technique because there was no colour photographer available at the time…. I think it just goes to show how conservative photographers can be. Photo sobs is what dives all this negativity about apps etc……………… usually led by film shooters who watch digital videos. John — for some reason, your pessimistic rant has made me smile and laugh. I will go through with it, all right, and if I get mugged it will be okay, so long as I survive it with my health reasonably intact.

Sidney — those are interesting convergences. I knew she was in North Carolina — but she has been hopping all over the world and my failing mind just dropped into the wrong notch for a moment. I desperately want it on Saturday!! For Rest of the World the shipping here has started a little before… just because the book has been printed here and shipped from here.

Once the book is shipped you receive an email with tracking number and you can always check. A single? Okay, I was in the city today. Where was everybody? See, timing and timing!! Fish …………. Do we have to study…lyrics too??? DAH, aka the party nazi. There are actually words to Loui Loui and Wooly Bully? All I know is na na na na na, Wooly Bullyyyyyy, Wooly bully. Loui Loui? Actually, to properly perform Louie Louie, you need to be drunk enough to slur the words to make them unintelligible. What could make teenage rock band poseurs happier than a rock song with dirty lyrics!

Anyway, since none of us actually had access to alcohol, our rendition left a lot to be desired. Bumped into this just now, forgotten how good this was.

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Eva — that is quite a thought! Hopefully, that will never happen, but if it should, we who will stand ready to back him up will number in the legions. Jim — In my opinion, one of the greatest, if not the greatest, rockers ever came out of those Texas bands. Of course, I mean Buddy Holly. Did you ever get to play with him? Now, I agree with whoever left the comment yesterday — and I am too lazy to backtrack and refresh my memory — it is time for a new essay to pop up here!

Gerhard ————- yes me too.. I have promised and will keep the promise.. That is what the white margins are for! That Instagram photo scares me silly… Seriously, those are some bad manners, dude, when people are not only sending you their precious prints but forking over big postage rates to do so. If I catch you putting your thumbprints in the middle of either of the prints I just sent you, your ass will be grass and I will be the lawnmower!

PANOS — thanks so much, amigo, really glad that the print made it over the big water safely! WOW and thanks!! Fix by Email how much I owe you, although there is not enough money in the world to pay back your kindness :!! Justin; if any fingerprints found anywhere in any print, im willing to do a fingerprint test, a polygraph test, a DNA test and a drug test! Many great pictures there… I especially like the crowd at the potluck table, feeding the rabbits, the lady in red, and the starry night sky.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful long weekend with us! Forgot to mention the trombone and tuba players, the bass drummer watching the crescent moon, and the mushroom boots. Thanks for the feedback all.

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The beach shindig is the annual birthday party for Barb Green, a long time resident of Lasqueti. I think she was That is her house in the photo. Lasqueti is a magical place. I managed to spend about three weeks there this past summer. Gordon — Incredible party. Excellent pix. It is a book, it looks and feels and smells like a book, not a magazine, the quality is great, and while there have been props to DAH, Diego and Anton so far, I gotta say the designer Andrea Barbato deserves a high five big time also! The work.. I wish there was more.. Something to cherish, that is for sure. Some, I recognized immediately, for some, I needed to count.

I am sure, this copy will suffer, as I will carry it with me and show it to many people during the next days. GOD-damn…that IS where i want to be!!!!!! Nice work all around, very nice.. Honored for the inclusion of my self-portrait in the inside cover of Burn. The book looks very good indeed. Will be ordering asap.

Now that the self-portraits thru a window are posted here, once again here is the list of names from Diego. I count 58 names in the list but there appear to be 59 photos on the endpapers… looks like a name is missing from the group at bottom left… Diego?? I will keep you posted about when they arrive there, it should be by next wednesday. After a nearly two month hiatus, I brought my blog back today.

I should have waited until next week, but I said I would so I did:. And it was this: YOU [insert name as appropriate] make the pictures you make based almost entirely upon the way that you see and interpret the world. I [also insert name blah blah] make pictures that reflect MY reflection of the world based on MY thing. Where is authorship without remaining true to that??? Do you, ok, do I make pictures like I interpret the world..

Can it go that far.. I take pictures and make pictures of what I do not have, but would want to? Or most probably it depends and is different for each and anyone of us, depending what photography is to us.. Hey Jason, I resemble that remark! Actually, my own Pollyanna approach to photography is often an attempt to lift myself out of the abyss. As I once remarked to David, it is an antidote rather than a purge. Never wear black t-shirts in Memphis nor listen to Metallica!!! I mean the real place.

And I will take another evasion to mean that you have no damn clue. And you have no damn clue. So we have truth and blame in one easy package. Do you? Status Quo? At summers end, I saw a man walking toward me, talking, singing, a pretty woman by his side doing the same, and he sure did look like the man from Lake Wobegon.

So I walked alongside him, too, snapping pix, thinking that it really must be the man from Lake Wobegon. So no one could be from there… I thought I had photographed someone famous.

Couples Archetypes / Pantheon - TV Tropes

Now I find that I photographed no one. DAH brilliant brilliant brilliant!!!!! And, thanks Diego for putting my portrait in third last. The ante-penultimate position is probably where I belong, but more importantly, it allows me to use that word legimately, in a sentence, for the first time ever! Speaking of grants in general. The idea that a portion of a grant being given up front; and the rest at a specified length of time through the project seems a good one for both parties.

It assures the grant giver that the money is put to the use it was meant for; and the photographer has to really commit to the project. BURN gives and takes and gives right back.. BURN motivates.. DAH — Sure — Tuesday or later. Steve had a gig from a national media chain to photograph the Canadian police and fire fighters at the September 11 ceremony in NYC, and when his daughter fell ill with a viral infection, I was happy to accompany him for the weekend.

We visited the Magnum office, met Eugene Richards at a book signing, covered the Ground Zero ceremony, and got a chance to photograph the Prime Minister at a Commonwealth event, honouring those from Australia, New Zealand, Britain and Canada who had fallen. I even managed to pay hommage to Maestro Gilden by dragging my shutter in Times Square! Alas, Bruce was away and we were unable to meet. Like any post-funeral reception, I found the emotions on September 11 to be big and heavy. Stories, sadness and laughter abound. Everywhere was cauterized pride and, I think, healing. Sorry, Frosty, but Lake Woebegon, where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average, is not a real place, unlike, for example, our happy little burg, where all the women are twenty pounds overweight, all the men are on drugs, and all the children are mentally challenged juvenile delinquents with nothing better to do with their spare time than set stray cats on fire for fun and profit.

We do have a martial arts school on Main Street, though, which is a good thing, or so people tell me, in that it helps the younger generation learn new and innovative ways to commit assault and battery. Still recovering from losing both legs to a land mine explosion in Afghanistan, and still in intense therapy, Joao Silva attempted his first new photo assignment… the problems and frustrations he faces getting back to work make most of ours at least mine seem trivial:.

These qualities are so much more important than the events that occur. Pretty cool! I played one unplugged at the music shop while my daughter was taking lessons — being used to my Tele, the offset body felt kind of weird to me, but that neck still felt like a Fender. Saw the NYT piece this morning before heading out nice! Damn, 20, already?!? Fender guitar just made a gorgeous 9X12 booklet to accompany an exact reissue of the guitar Kurt played at this gig and less than a year later at the Reading festival in front of 45, people which I shot as well.

They use only my images other than the product shot and I wrote an essay contrasting the experience of the two gigs. The book only comes with the guitar but I have some extras and would love to send you one. And that pic of the kid being carried is used as a dbl page spread. Charles is a Good man, and Kurt knew that! And more do u need??? CP, thanks again for Nirvana print! In a few days I will have a self curated grunge favorites not just Nirvana gallery come up on the Billboard website I also have the current cover and feature pics in the print version.

But yeah, 20 years. Just the hype. Wish it was…. I definitely struggle with the fact that my legacy is tied to his. Having someone great who really means it swear that your product is the greatest thing since sliced bread is something almost all companies dream about. I used Faber-Castell Blackwing pencils for years because Steinbeck loved them.

I think Vivitar should come out with a DAH-model flash… maybe have his signature and the Burn logo on it? I did the same thing! I preferred writing in long hand back then. Actually as part of the deal I get a couple of guitars. Never played guitar before in my life and probably too old to start. So one guitar for Felix and one for auction at a later date.

Happy hunting! You are never too old to start! I just started back playing about 3 years ago after taking 10 off. I suck… but it still is a whole lotta fun. Start playing one of those guitars! So simple but so mind boggling awesome and really impossible to replicate as a solo, all because his frasing is soooooooo free, all ebb and flow… so natural.

A bit like what we search for in photography. Yeah, twelth pentatonic, etc etc — sounds really simple! It is being reported by a station out there with the call letters…. As for the M and Canon, I am sure you are right. Discretion in street photography is always the better part of valor, and the big Canons are as discreet as big cannons. Did lots of odd, short-term, part-time jobs in that era.. King, and many others. Way too many kids in my generation with only modest talent had the same dream.

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  • From Dream to Reality (Dragons and Dreamphasers, Book 2).
  • Im Your Villain.
  • A Remarkable Time;
  • forgiving others with one click yutakas zen method Manual!

Needless to say, I never became a rock star. ALL, great news! LEE did the same and couple more.. Thanks for the Billboard link really dig that L7 shot! Believe me, these days my life is extremely uneventful, sedentary, boring, and un-photogenic. A week is a week!! I once bumped into BB King at a hotel I was staying at.

He was really shy but we spoke for a couple of minutes … and I asked him if it was true he once saw Robert Johnson playing on some street corner :. Charles — Wish I could have seen Nirvana just once — first choice would have been when they did the acoustic performance. Good stuff. Once again, many thanks to you for all the work you are putting into this project! Hope all goes smoothly! Print off today — says you will get it Monday. You do have to sign for it or pick up at the Post office if you miss it. Thanks Bob. Mascha and Felix dance party in the living room to Flight of the Conchords as I type.

Say no more…:. I seem to remember that you and Marina are coming over to Italy?? Lemme know.. Your mind is on her — on whatever. EVA: : …you can punish me in person ; …we are coming…looks more like spring now, as we have another problem with russia than entails returning in december, but will let you and diego know for sure when the time is…i guess that means drinks on me ; …thanks for the link, looks gorgeous….

Civi Yes, all burn women are beautiful, and at least one of them looks utterly spectacular in a bikini.

Forgiving Others with One Click: Yutakas Zen Method Forgiving Others with One Click: Yutakas Zen Method
Forgiving Others with One Click: Yutakas Zen Method Forgiving Others with One Click: Yutakas Zen Method
Forgiving Others with One Click: Yutakas Zen Method Forgiving Others with One Click: Yutakas Zen Method
Forgiving Others with One Click: Yutakas Zen Method Forgiving Others with One Click: Yutakas Zen Method
Forgiving Others with One Click: Yutakas Zen Method Forgiving Others with One Click: Yutakas Zen Method
Forgiving Others with One Click: Yutakas Zen Method Forgiving Others with One Click: Yutakas Zen Method
Forgiving Others with One Click: Yutakas Zen Method Forgiving Others with One Click: Yutakas Zen Method
Forgiving Others with One Click: Yutakas Zen Method Forgiving Others with One Click: Yutakas Zen Method
Forgiving Others with One Click: Yutakas Zen Method

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