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There are many interfaces for firewall configuration. This article covers firewalld , which integrates with Network Manager on the desktop and firewall-cmd in the terminal. Many Linux distributions ship with these tools installed. If yours doesn't, you can either take this article as general advice for firewall management and apply it to what you use, or you can install firewalld. On Ubuntu, for instance, you must enable the universe repository, deactivate the default ufw firewall, and then install firewalld :. Regardless of your distribution, for a firewall to be effective, it must be active and set to be loaded at boot.

The less you have to think about firewall maintenance, the better. You probably connect to many different networks every day. A firewall zone contains presets deciding what ports to open and close. Using zones, you can choose a policy that makes the most sense for the network you're currently on. In the General panel, click the drop-down menu next to Firewall Zone for a list of all available zones.

The zone titles indicate what their designers had in mind when creating them, but you can get the specifics of any zone with this terminal command:. In this example, the work zone is configured to permit SSH and DHCPv6-client incoming traffic but drops any other incoming traffic not explicitly requested by the user.

You can assign a zone to any network connection you make. Furthermore, you can assign a different zone to each network interface Ethernet cable, WiFi, and so on that attaches to each network. The easiest way to get into the habit of assigning a zone to a network interface is to tend to the networks you use most often. Assigning zones is the best way to reinforce your own awareness that networks are not all equal and that you're not any more secure than anybody else just because you run Linux.

Rather than prompting you for a zone every time you join a new network, firewalld assigns any unknown network a default zone. Open a terminal and type this command to get your default zone:. In this example, the public zone is the default. However, you can set your own default instead.

Make Linux stronger with firewalls

For instance, if you're more paranoid than most, or if you know that you frequent networks you have reason to distrust, you can assign a highly restrictive zone as default:. Now any new network you join will be subject to the drop zone rules unless you manually change it to something less restrictive. Firewalld's developers don't intend for their zone definitions to satisfy the needs of all the different networks and levels of trust in existence.

They're just starting points for you to use and customize. You don't have to know much about firewalls to be able to open and close ports based on the kinds of network activity you know you generate. The simplest way to add permissions to your firewall is to add a predefined service. Strictly speaking, there's no such thing as a "service" as far as your firewall knows, because firewalls understand port numbers and protocol types. However, firewalld provides collections of ports and protocols based on standards and conventions.

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For example, if you're a web developer and want to open your computer up on your local network so your colleagues can see the website you're building, you would add the http and https services. If you're a gamer and you're running the open source murmur voice-chat server for your guild, then you'd add the murmur service. There are many other services available, which you can view with this command:. This command opens all the ports and protocols needed for a particular service within your default zone , but only until you reboot your computer or restart your firewall.

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To make your changes permanent, use the --permanent flag:. Sometimes you want to allow traffic for something that just isn't defined by firewalld's services.

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Maybe you're setting up a nonstandard port for a common service or you need to open an arbitrary port. For example, maybe you're running the open source virtual tabletop software MapTool.

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Since you're running the MapTool server and there's no industry standard governing which port MapTool runs on, you can decide what port it uses and then "poke a hole" in your firewall to allow traffic on that port. This command opens port to incoming TCP connections in your default zone , but only until you reboot your computer or restart your firewall.

Allowing traffic through your computer is different from letting traffic through your router"s firewall. Your router probably has a different interface for its own embeded firewall though the principle is the same , which is outside the scope of this article. If you decide a service or a port is no longer needed, you can restart your firewall to clear your changes, unless you use the --permanent flag.

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If you made your changes permanent, use the --remove-port or --remove-service flag:. You can remove ports and services from a zone other than your default zone by specifying a zone in your command:. You can use and abuse the default zones provided by firewalld, but you also have the freedom to create your own. For instance, if it makes sense for you to have a zone specific to gaming, then you can create one and switch over to it only while gaming. To create a new, empty zone, create a new zone called game and reload the firewall rules so that your new zone becomes active:.

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