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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. In some ways, Amanda Todd could represent any child. Tender, sensitive, young, coming of age, she poignantly told her story in an online video --a story filled with the anguish and pain of being humiliated and cyber bullied. A month later, she died in an apparent suicide. Perhaps it might awaken us to what our children face each In some ways, Amanda Todd could represent any child. Perhaps it might awaken us to what our children face each and every day. In this book we look at our children's culture as separate from adult culture as it is playing out on Facebook and ask two questions: 1 what is the root cause?

Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 44 pages. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Facebook Killed Amanda Todd , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Facebook Killed Amanda Todd.

Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Mar 20, Rebecca McNutt rated it it was ok Shelves: history , crime , true-crime , pop-culture. My generation has infamously become defined by Amanda Todd for all the wrong reasons, but books like this one are incredibly misleading.

First of all, Facebook actually did a formal investigation to track down the man who was exploiting her. Facebook was just the tool used to bully her, but it's the bullying itself that was the problem, and Facebook Killed Amanda Todd looks at the dangers of children using the internet but does very little to acknowledge the criminal behind the harassment. Amand My generation has infamously become defined by Amanda Todd for all the wrong reasons, but books like this one are incredibly misleading. Amanda Todd could be any teenage girl or boy. This book looks at her as if she's a case study but she was a human being, a child no less, and I would have preferred to hear her story told by people who knew her very well, who knew her as a human being.

This book's existence makes me very, very angry. I would love to help out in any way that I can, I'll be following you on twitter and start poking around in GitHub :. Over the last two weeks we have produced over 90 commits finally resulting in the first beta release. Have fun.

Just got bancha setup in my app with the sample code. I have to say, you guys have done an amazing job so far. The code is clean, easy to follow, and I love all the auto-magic integration with Cake. Amazing job guys and I hope to help as much as I can! Hey Guys, I was wondering what the best way to add additional methods to controllers so that they may be called via Ext Direct.

Basically anything that is not a standard crud method. How have you guys handled this in your apps? I assume there are instances when you have additional controller methods that you want to call from your Ext app. Yes, you are true. That's important. Sadly we didn't found the time to implement it yet. Why are you quoting an old post? First release of Bancha already exists! Just checking in I'm really looking forward to some kind of screencast!

I just updated and extened the documentation. The next two things will be a small 5min screencast and the ability to expose controller methods ;- cheers Roland. The new release is out! Bancha now provides the possibility to expose all controller methods, and has some mayor refactoring in the new build. Screencast is comming soon. Great Stuff with the new release..

Error: Bancha: Tried to call User. I cant seem to find where I can set this? Thanks much! OK So i reverted to Bancha. JSON" sourceMethod "decode". So the cake model name is singular, the controller name plural with "Controller" suffix. In our example implementation we also have a user model, the model name is "User", the controller "UsersController", the ExtJS model name "User".

The error must be somewhere else. Uncaught Ext.

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Is your cake model really singular!? Hi Ronald, Thanks for the pointers! So using the revised BanchaController. So it does not load the grid panel. Could this be the problem? Here are the contents of my Bancha. Now I'm seeing where the problem is. My colleague forgot to push his last changes I'm really looking forward to seeing this project mature. Big fan! This is probably just your cache ;- The delete icon is only mentioned one time in Bancha.

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Use this instead: Bancha. Hi i know you guys only just started this, but this a feature that is probably needed sooner or later ; How can I display associated data in the grid or the form? Bancha is actually three things: - On the lowest layer it implements Ext. Direct in CakePHP - On top of this it provides cake models in extjs - and on top of this scaffold models this part is missing for associations So Bancha already provides all the possibilities to load the associated data ext models are correctly associated.

Only the scaffolding is missing yet. Well, we have more then just started, we already spend a few hundred hours on it. Of course, there is still much possibilities to extend ; So for your usage just add normal ExtJS column-code to the afterBuild interceptor: Ext. Grid-method-afterBuild best regards Roland. So bancha seems to be working well. I have gone through the examples and the scaffolding works like a charm.

Bancha has consumed my cakephp model in an extjs model nicely. I am trying to step out of simply using scaffoliding though by building my own data store into a grid with row editing. I am having problems saving the data using the extjs model bancha has created and was wondering if you could provide some pointers.

As a disclaimer I only just started using extjs this monday so please be nice to a noob. I can get the following to work, but I know its not the right way. You can see from what was commented out what I was trying to do thinking thats closer to the right way. You're doing things way to complicated.

RemoteStubs when you want to use exposed controller methods, for standard CRUD functions use the record directly.

Bancha - Combining CakePHP and ExtJS [Archive] - Sencha Forum

Guys, anyone could make available for download bancha done with a project so that we can study better? So would be easier for us to understand all the file structures and models. But actually you shouldn't need much more information than we already provide in the documentation: On the extjs side you just need two functions: - Bancha.

On the server-side you just add the Bancha.

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  5. BanchaRemotable behavior to cake models. I'm currently very bussy with my job, but when I find some free time I want to provide a screencast and I'm also working on a new release. If you have some specific questions I'm happy to help. In fact I got problems to realize a 'hasmany' relationship this way using Ext. Is this easier done including bancha and cakePHP? Pls excuse, if this question is a bit greenly, but I'm encounting cakePHP the first time. HasMany is currently working very limited in ExtJS currently, so Bancha can also only support basic operations.

    Bancha and CakePHP will provide you with a lot of out of the box solutions. Checkout some of the CakePHP tutorials to get an idea of what it is doing. I also recommend to change 45 line in BanchaApi. Hello pierzu! How i can assiociate data with foreign keys now? I don't understand your question exactly. This currently works only with default foreign keys, but will be working with everything in the final 1. It's updated. Best regards Roland. For example, i have two tables, "users" and "groups".

    How i can show Group. How i can change that Bancha will not get users'id field and how i can change main key for hid? Grid is connected to model Group, and Bancha download all users. ExtJS is currently not supporting an convenient way for this, the ExtJS data model is missing any good solution. So solutions are use case specific, about how much data are we talking about here? About row much rows for group and for user are you expecting? Just don't display this field in the grid. Why are you having id and hid? CakePHP expects the main key to always be named 'id'.

    Cake will not like this My next problem, same tables, i have edit form for groups, where i see all group fields and grid, where are users, wchich belong to this group. I'm not sure if I understood you correctly. For example, as you said, 10 groups, users, what is the best solution? Every record should always keep there id field in the model! Ok, i know how to don't display id, but, if user will look at source, there will be all data. I want to avoid thtat, user will know record id's. I have id as primary int key, hid as id, wchich i want to display outside, in requests for example.

    It could be filtering data after load, but better solution could be download data, wchich match my condition. I want to create store for each group. I have grid, where are groups, i click edit and i see two tabs form, first tab - form with group data, second tab - grid with group users. The cool thing about Bancha is, it will do everything in the background for you. So your questions are actually standard ExtJS questions. So if your associated grid groups is quite small there is no drawback in loading the whole store and then define a custom render in the grid.

    So define the custom renderer for User. I was about to write you some code for your solution Bancha supports all filtering, so just filter your store before loading. Okay, I must be missing something in this. Does this actually work with an Ext. Application style app? I've had a number of problems and I still can't get it to work. The error I'm getting is: Uncaught Ext. Error: Bancha: Couldn't create the model cause the model is not supported by the server no remote model Except this is a working Cake example so the model is definitely on the server and working.

    I had to change some other things as well, which is probably why I'm having issues. Otherwise it complains that the Bancha namespace is missing. From looking at the code this makes sense in this order.

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    How is it working for everyone else 2 I'm using Ext. Loader to load my files, but then Ext complains because the Bancha stuff is all in one file. I had to override Ext. Loader to ignore Bancha scripts. I'm obvisouly missing something very fundamental. Is there an example implementation that actually uses the proper MVC architecture.

    The examples provided are just simple scripts loading a grid and aren't really meaty enough to get behind. Bancha is definitely working, we are creating some big projects with it. It also works with an Ext. App-Style application. Sry for the inconvenience. What else did you change? I'm curious. You shouldn't need to change the Plugin at all, so either there is an easier way or it's really a new feature and I will add the code to the general project ; 1 I had to change the order of the scripts so that I load the bancha-api.

    How is it working for everyone else Both ways should work. What's your error file and line number. It should be enough to tell Ext. Loader where it can find Bancha. The examples provided are just simple scripts loading a grid and aren't really meaty enough to get behind I was working on a Ext Designer Demo, but Sencha keeps changing the code-style of Designer so much that I will wait till the final release Application definition just call: Ext. If you have further questions just ask here ; best regards Roland. I only downloaded this the other day, so I'm not sure how I ended up with a different code base.

    I'll go back and re-download the entire plugin just to make sure. I still have the loader problems. It's because of the writer. It wants to extend Bancha. JsonWithDateTime which Ext. Loader will try and load via a url even though it's defined just above. This is probably an Ext. Loader issue, but how have you solved it? Thanks for your speedy response, I like the concept and think it will be really useful once I've gotten over these issues. Loader loads stuff the first time you use it What part of your code is triggering this error?

    I think the plugin works really good. I figured the setup is still a bit hard I'm planing to extent the Setup-Check with about twice as much tests to get first setups really smooth Even I am not able to configure in my localhost also. Regards, Hemant.

    Royal Threads - A Guide to Bag Making with Tailoring/Enchanting

    Oh, there was a small error, it only worked in Chrome. Thanks for the report. Thanks Roland. However, at the time I didn't have an immediate need for it and honestly not the time to learn how to integrate it. Learned about Bancha in the past few days and thought all my wishes have come true. Now, with that said.

    I've loaded up your TestApp and don't see a difference in how the pages are displayed, index, add, edit are all the same. I was thinking they would be like the examples off your site. So it has to be me. Does anyone have a complete package I can just extract to my web server, load the DB with test data and it just work in all it's glory so I can examine and learn from it? What limitations are there currently with Bancha?

    Is it currently limited to mostly CRUD or are these examples also available? Please help! I've got a new shiny toy and no batteries to make it work. Hello, I'm glad you're interested : ExtJS is normally used in one page applications. So for everyone knowing ExtJSler it would be very strange to always reload pages after changes and only have one component per page. For these reasons Bancha does not automatically bake views for you. Bancha now automatically creates all the models and configurations for data exchange for you.

    Now you would have to implement your own controllers and views.

    FlyinPanda - the beginning FlyinPanda - the beginning
    FlyinPanda - the beginning FlyinPanda - the beginning
    FlyinPanda - the beginning FlyinPanda - the beginning
    FlyinPanda - the beginning FlyinPanda - the beginning
    FlyinPanda - the beginning FlyinPanda - the beginning
    FlyinPanda - the beginning FlyinPanda - the beginning
    FlyinPanda - the beginning FlyinPanda - the beginning

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