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Examples of Vignettes in Literature

WOTD — 31 January Portuguese: vinhetagem.

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The translations below need to be checked and inserted above into the appropriate translation tables, removing any numbers. Numbers do not necessarily match those in definitions. See instructions at Wiktionary:Entry layout Translations. Categories : English terms borrowed from French English terms derived from French English terms derived from Latin English 2-syllable words English terms with IPA pronunciation English terms with audio links English lemmas English nouns English countable nouns en:Architecture en:Printing en:Philately en:Photography en:Automotive English verbs French words suffixed with -ette French lemmas French nouns French feminine nouns French countable nouns Italian non-lemma forms Italian noun plural forms.

Vignette | Definition of Vignette by Merriam-Webster

Namespaces Entry Discussion. Woven - Classy Webber Webber could have easily seen his unique predicament as an affliction or a curse. Instead, he's chosen to view it as a second chance, and one that he fully intends not to waste. Woven - Classy Wendy Wendy clings fiercely to the grief over her sister's death, for fear that moving on would cause Abigail's memory to fade.


Woven - Classy Wolfgang Whether in troupes or troops, Wolfgang has always thrived on the spirit of camaraderie. He considers the day he joined the survivors to be the moment his luck finally took a turn for the better. Woven - Classy Magmatic Assembly Battlemaster Pugna draws great pleasure in subjecting combatants to the whims of his Battlearena forged of stone and fire.

Examples of “vignette”

Woven - Classy Wrapping Webber "We're super excited to watch everyone open the presents we got them. Woven - Distinguished Grumpy Bearger Deafening roars fill the air with no hint of cessation, Who dares disturb Bearger's sweet hibernation?

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Something doth stir in the thick underbrush. Its eye trains on yours in a horrid red glow, How swift might you flee through the knee-deep snow?

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Woven - Distinguished Winter's Feastfly Whilst lava burns hot in the cold winter night, The Feastfly takes wing in a most fervid flight. Woven - Classy Critters It was once thought that the beasts of the Constant were too wild and ferocious to be tamed. As it turns out, all any critter needs to make friends is a bit of love.

Woven - Classy Aristocrat Wickerbottom It's a well-known fact that a group of crows is called a "murder". It is a lesser known fact that they hold crow funerals. Woven - Classy Billy and Mumsy "Always hold the board steady.

Vignette Examples

Remember, a sharp knife is safer than a dull one. Don't forget.

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Woven - Classy Blacksmith Winona The clank of hammers is music to the blacksmith's ears. The smell of coal, a sweet perfume. Woven - Classy Chimney Sweep Wes There are few more satisfying feelings in life than knowing one's work is done for the day. Woven - Classy Fur Trader Woodie After many days in the woods, it can be difficult to distinguish oneself from that which they hunt. It takes the guesswork out of grieving. Woven - Classy Street Peddler Willow Sometimes in the cold and bitter night, one might imagine fantastical visions in the blaze of a lit match.

Vignettes Vignettes
Vignettes Vignettes
Vignettes Vignettes
Vignettes Vignettes
Vignettes Vignettes
Vignettes Vignettes
Vignettes Vignettes
Vignettes Vignettes

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