Navigating bugs, belugas and polar bears in Churchill, Canada

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Growing Up with Polar Bears

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Skip to content. Churchill Wild co-founders Mike and Jeanne Reimer and family out for a stroll through one of the many creeks along the Hudson Bay coast. Bug suits on!

Churchill, Manitoba: The Ultimate Arctic Experience on a Budget - Staying Afloat

Well, sort of. I asked Helen what was unique about raising children in Churchill besides the polar bears. Wiener roast on the Hudson Bay coast. Karli Friesen, my older sister, elaborated on what was most important to her.

Churchill Hotels and Places to Stay

Even if we were a bit on the wild side. The Governor Samuel Hearne, one of Canada's great explorers, returned the next year and set up shop once more. The trading post and river were named after John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough an ancestor of Winston Churchill , who was governor of the Hudson's Bay Company in the late 17th century.

If we can't just shoot them, how to keep them from moving into town? It's a legitimate question they are, after all, godless killing machines , and not one easily answered, but the people of Churchill have become incredibly sophisticated about it. Within a minute or two, a bunch of pickups topped with big spotlights will roll up to the coast and warn off anyone from walking in the area. They quietly monitor and encourage the bears to just move through, since tranquillizing poses two problems: 1. Drugged up polar bears tend to run off out of sight and fall asleep somewhere.

What do you do with a drugged up sleeping polar bear? The answer to number two is the most ingenious of all: put them in jail. Yes, polar bear jail. It's a big old aircraft hangar by the airport with an awful lot of reinforced steel and some very angry pounders banging on the walls, who just couldn't be enticed to stay out of town. When the bay freezes over, the "wardens" tranquillize the bears inside and airlift them by helicopter about three river systems north of town, which is just enormous enough of a distance to keep the bears from walking right back to town. You'll know the bears that have been captured right away—not because of the tag on their backs, but because they break into an uncharacteristic sprint at the sound of helicopters!

Over the centuries, the fur trade waned, and Churchill might have disappeared, were it not for the ambitious attempts by provincial governments to secure a northern port in central Canada motivated by the desire to break the monopoly of the Canadian Pacific Railway on grain exports. After more than a decade of construction across the northern forests, the rail line from Winnipeg was finished in , and the Port of Churchill would become the city's economic centre until wheat shipments began to decline in The tracks were washed out in various places by May flooding; Denver-based Omnitrax the owner of the port and railway at the time refused to repair the damage, leaving Churchill severed overland until the line was sold in The new owners rebuilt the railway, and passenger trains resumed in December The Hudson's Bay Company traders were hardy folks, and presumably didn't mind living right in the middle of a major polar bear migration route.

The problem of living just north of a giant polar bear colony was always solved rather neatly by shooting any bears wandering into town with shotguns. Starting around the s, non-locals started taking an interest in the bears, in studying them, photographing them, and generally admiring the intense over-sized cuteness. Locals saw opportunity, stopped shooting the bears, and began the process of converting the town from a minor industrial centre to one of the world's northernmost tourist towns.

Live polar bear webcams are operated by conservation group Polar Bear International with backing from Frontier North Adventures and explore. Polar bears hunt seals on the sea ice, but when the ice breaks up, they are forced to return to land where they fast until the ice forms again. Prime bear season is October and November leading up to the ice formation, when the colony heads north from the park and towards Churchill to get ready for the first freeze. While they wait, they snack intermittently on whatever is around. Kelp buried in snow seems to be a favorite. Things are kind of dull when the ice isn't in, so these curious animals will wander right over to you to give you a good sniff or taste.

The taste bit is not a joke—polar bears' sense of taste is so powerful that you will see them regularly licking the air to discern what tastes are out there! Belugas, with their gleaming white skin, big smiles, and canary-like twitter, have every right to claim the title of world's cutest whale. The west Hudson Bay population, one of Canada's seven, comes back from its winters at the Arctic ice cap to roost, er, calf in the Churchill river bed.

At this time, the river is filled with the whales and the zodiac boats are filled with tourists with expensive camera equipment! Up to 3, whales enter the river each summer. The Aurora Borealis is another good thing to keep tabs on:. Bears can be seen year-round. But the one time of year where they really are everywhere is October—November , before the sea ice forms.

Why on Earth Would Someone Go to Churchill, Manitoba?

At that time of year, you can feel pretty confident that you will have plenty of photography opportunities every time you go out in a tundra vehicle. At other times, you have to wonder whether you are spending a small fortune on transport to see no bears. November is the really snowy month, so expect worse weather, less sunlight, way colder temperatures, but more pretty snow-covered backdrops for bears to play around in.

While the sea ice is a bit unpredictable, it's fairly safe to assume that the last week of bear season is more or less the second to last week of November.

Beyond that, you could miss them and the tundra vehicles stop running anyway. The belugas arrive in mid-June and depart in mid-August. So do the bugs especially July. As cute as the belugas are, so are the flies as demonic a plague, so bring long pants, long sleeves, bug spray with DEET, and ideally a bug jacket for the possibility that it gets especially bad.

Aurora season is January—March, as the nights are longest and the precipitation ergo cloud cover lowest. Given how bleak the deep winter months are in terms of cold and lack of animal activity, though, one might speculate that this "season", while ideal for aurora-watching, is a bit manufactured to stimulate tourism in the slow months—you can see it just fine in November if you have a good night. All you need is a clear dark sky a new moon is ideal , and good space weather—if you time your visit to coincide with the peak of an eleven year solar cycle, you'll see more intense lights more frequently.

It's not easy to visit Churchill during bear season without going through a tour company, simply because the tundra vehicles often book up quickly and hotels are full; the train and planes can fill up; and both the buggies and hotels generally require full payment up front with no refunds. You must confirm availability of transport, lodging, and buggy at the same time and then immediately call them back to book all three. Otherwise you could find yourself stuck with a giant bill for a hotel with no way to get out on the tundra to see the bears, or a giant bill for a buggy with no lodging!

Other activities dog-sledding, car rentals, helicopter tours, etc.

Churchill, Manitoba, Canada - Beluga Whales and Polar Bears

The summer poses one problem and that's bugs. Tiny no-see-ums, run-of-the-mill mosquitoes, hell-spawn big black biting flies, and everything in between. A dry summer could mean little to no bugs, but it's good to err on the side of DEET. While not necessary, pre-treating some of your clothes with specialized DEET spray for clothing probably won't be something you regret.

You will see tourists with bug jackets and screen hats, but that's really a little over the top. Light long pants and long-sleeved shirts are a must, though. When you are this far north, you will need some serious winter gear November—March, and potentially in October.

Avoid wearing cotton, as cotton gets wet and stays wet. Layers are key, but not enough to keep you warm without a good jacket. If you forgot something, try to pick it up at the Walmart in Thompson , if you are taking the train. You should be able to survive without going out and buying a new wardrobe full of expensive luxuries, but getting what you can of the above will make the trip more cosy. For more on winter clothing, see Cold weather. If ever there were a case for a good camera , it's a trip to Churchill! Digital cameras don't stand up well to the cold, but they will still work.

But bring extra batteries and film if your camera uses it. It sounds like an amazing trip. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Previous Next. Lazy Bear Expeditions was taking me through theses waters on an adventure of a lifetime… Kayaking amongst these gentle giants. Where were they hiding? We headed straight for them. It was completely surreal. Getting There: A majority of the visitors will fly into the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport and from there take a domestic flight to Churchill.

When to Go: The beluga whales are best seen from mid-June through mid-September. Bring a toque , better known as a beanie in America. There can be some pesky mosquitos out there, load up on the bug repellant. Outlets are the same as the American-style, so there is not need for an adapter or convertor.

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RECAP: My week in Churchill, July 2018 - Churchill Forum

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Navigating bugs, belugas and polar bears in Churchill, Canada Navigating bugs, belugas and polar bears in Churchill, Canada
Navigating bugs, belugas and polar bears in Churchill, Canada Navigating bugs, belugas and polar bears in Churchill, Canada
Navigating bugs, belugas and polar bears in Churchill, Canada Navigating bugs, belugas and polar bears in Churchill, Canada
Navigating bugs, belugas and polar bears in Churchill, Canada Navigating bugs, belugas and polar bears in Churchill, Canada
Navigating bugs, belugas and polar bears in Churchill, Canada Navigating bugs, belugas and polar bears in Churchill, Canada
Navigating bugs, belugas and polar bears in Churchill, Canada Navigating bugs, belugas and polar bears in Churchill, Canada
Navigating bugs, belugas and polar bears in Churchill, Canada Navigating bugs, belugas and polar bears in Churchill, Canada

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