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The Silicon Valley-based company is focused on making cars fully autonomous, with no need for a driver, which could make driving safer and more efficient and open up transportation to the disabled and aged.

How Do Autonomous Cars Deal with Double-parked Vehicles?

It said last year that such cars would be ready for production by Its approach stands in sharp contrast to many carmakers, including Toyota Motor Corp and Tesla Motors Inc, which are moving towards autonomous driving in incremental steps, currently still requiring drivers. Tesla has said it logged over million miles since last October from drivers using its partially autonomous Autopilot system.

The Google car can detect whether a moving object is a child or a bicycle and anticipates that both can make fast, unpredictable movements. Those types of complicated social interactions are the last, most difficult element of autonomous vehicle technology, according to Dolgov.

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Uber's Self-Driving Cars Hit 2 Million Miles As Program Regains Momentum

Does this mean that Google's iconic "koala cars" are ready for mainstream use? Not quite.

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According to Dmitri Dolgov, the company's self-driving software lead, the first 90 percent of driving is not that difficult to master. This includes navigating through light traffic, crossing intersections and driving on the freeway. The other 10 percent consists of critical skills that tests the vehicle's sensors and decision-making algorithms.

Man drives record 3 million miles in the same 1966 Volvo

Situations wherein the car must choose between saving the driver and a pedestrian in the event of a potentially fatal collision are included in this very complicated aspect of autonomous driving. To iron out such kinks in the program, Google has started to incorporate social signals and insights that drivers typically encounter on the open road.

For example, when a pedestrian standing at a crossing looks both ways, this could tell the car that the individual is likely preparing to walk to the other side of the street. That's kind of a big deal for us.

Community Transit Drivers Awarded for Reaching 1 & 2 Million Mile Status

Driving around in a closed, controlled environment offers very little "real-world" experience for the vehicles. That's why in the past few years, Google has been pushing their self-driving cars on public roads highways and city streets.

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  • Irv Gordon, who drove his 1966 Volvo over 3 million miles, dead at 78.
  • Irv Gordon, Guinness World Record Holder Who Put Million Miles on His Volvo P, Has Died.

In cities participating in self-driving pilot tests, the vessels behave like other cars driven by humans.

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Two Million Mile Drive Two Million Mile Drive
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Two Million Mile Drive

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